Patrick Rochemont

Team Munich MMA: Patrick Rochemont

Munich MMA’s next „Team Member of the month“ is Patrick Rochemont!

We would like to introduce Patrick, as he is a special student due to many different reasons: Not only is he is a very well rounded fighter and a very attentive student, he also is one of our maturest members and a super nice guy. Patrick’s mother tongue is french, this is why this article is written in English.

Read what experiences Patrick shares with us in our little interview.

What is your martial arts story?

Many years ago I started Kyokushinkai Karate in Paris under Master Setrouk (8th Dan). Later I trained Thai Boxing under Master Paschi and Judo under Master Amon (7th Dan). I also have experience in Aikido.
A few years ago I discovered MMA under Master Amoussou in Paris.

I am a Black Belt in Karate and a Brown Belt in Judo. While I was actively training these sports I won some state championships and was selected in both, Karate and Judo, for the French national championships. I finally stopped competing in 2010.

I do also run marathons. I ran around 10 marathons (e.g. Paris, London, Brussels, Chicago, Boston, New York,…). For me running a marathon is part of the mental training for martial arts.

My hero is Sensei Jon Bluming, he was a student of Master Masutatsu Oyama and he is the first Martial artist to mix striking, throwing and ground work in the 1960’s…

From time to time I like to go for a training camp, spending 4 or 5 days with hard training.

What does training (martial arts) mean to you?

I love martial arts and I would never stop training. Every martial art can teach you something – have you ever tried Aikido, Kendo, Sambo… ? Unfortunately I don’t have the time to train as much as I would like to.

Training martial arts helps you to feel confident in life. Just like everyone else I had to face confrontations at some point in my life. The fact alone that you feel ready and are able to control your fear will be enough to solve the problem in the majority of cases.

And of course will training help you to stay fit and healthy.

Since when do you live in Munich and train at Munich MMA?

I am in Munich since July 2013 and started training at Munich MMA about a month later. Obviously finding a MMA gym was on of my first issues here. I did a good choice.

What are your martial arts goals?

My goals now are more enjoying the training with nice people, still doing some good “randori” and supporting the new generation of fighters. But I am also always learning and discovering new techniques.

What would you tell someone who thinks it is too late to start with martial arts?

There is always a discipline that you can practice at any age. Once you started, don’t ever give up!

The last words are up to you!

Martial arts help you to be happy.

Thank you Patrick for the interview. We wish you all the best on your future (martial arts) journey.

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