INTERVIEWSERIE GYMS VS. CORONA – Felipe Bueno von Alliance Nürnberg

Die Idee der Interviewserie ist es deutschen Gyms und Gymbesitzern die Möglichkeit zu geben über ihren wirtschaftlichen und persönlichen Umgang mit der Corona-Situation zu sprechen. Das Ziel ist es für mehr Verständnis innerhalb der Community und darüber hinaus zu sorgen und einen offenen Austausch zwischen den Gyms anzuregen.

Der nächste Gesprächspartner ist Felipe Bueno. Er ist ein weltklasse BJJ Athlet, sehr netter Mensch und der Kopf des Alliance Teams aus Nürnberg. Wer gerne aus der Halfguard sweept kommt an ihm nicht vorbei. Lest wie er mit der Situation umgeht!

Please tell something about you and your team

I’m Felipe Bueno and I’m part of Alliance Team!

We have an affiliation in Nuernberg!

I’m also the regional manager from the Europe and UAE Alliance affiliations!

Where can we find you online?

On www.alliance-nuernberg.com or on social media, Instagram @alliancenuernberg

What ist he Alliance Team doing to get the most out of the Lockdown? 

The association is helping us maximum possible to get the best out of this weird situation!

We give to the students full online access for all on our online platform!

As a gym I’m trying to keep all them connect via the social media and personally talking and exchanging experiences with the students!

The mental aspect is vital right now!

How do you cope with the financial challenges?

Without the loyalty of our members, we wouldn‘t  had the chance to make it so far through those rough times. Some of them even contacted us privately and asked if they could support us beyond that. So it is obvious that we are deeply grateful for their tremendous support.

Furthermore, we are in negotiations with our landlord to cut a certain percantage of the rent to reduce our costs. As of right now the other two founders and me are closing the current deficit via our private accounts. Even though subsidiaries from the state are officially requested for quite some time, we have not received any money as of now. Nevertheless, we have gotten assured some minor support for the months of November and December. Unfortunatelly, we can not say yet, when we will receive that support completely.

What are you personally doing to stay mentally and physically strong?

In my opinion the key to stay positive and physically strong is to build a nice a really organized daily routine!

Out of my experience the less you do and active you are, the worse your mind goes and as a consequence of this, your body is getting weak!

Creating a healthy routine inside home with some small challenges on doing different stuff could be the key to at least pass the time faster and you don’t lose the mind !

Internet is fully of home workouts and people willing to help! Never lose the connection with friends and colleagues from training is also super helpful! The social aspect even being virtual is more then vital!!

For myself I have been trying everyday a new habit, either, cooking or reading new things or trying and improving my languages skills

Like I said, in my opinion its vital the organization on a organized routine!

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